Ski Butlers are a Thing. We Went to the Rockies to Find Out What they Do and Why

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When it comes to our on-mountain support service, with just one quick phone call, we will come to you if you need something adjusted on the slopes. And on your last ski day when you want to enjoy the final hours of your trip, our customers don’t have to lug their rented equipment to a shop; they can just relax and have us come to pick up their gear.

Can skiers bring their own gear?

Skiers and riders can certainly bring their own gear. When folks have equipment they like, they want to use them at these world-class resorts. When guests are renting our equipment, we do all of our tuning and waxing in-house, and we don’t deliver equipment unless we know the customer will be pleased. That being said, things happen, if a customer of ours wants a little more edge or wax on their own skis and board, they can simply call us, and we will take care of their request at no extra charge.

Does it pay to ship your skis to the resort ahead of time?

The benefit of shipping your equipment ahead of time falls under the convenience category. People who do that don’t have to worry about lugging the gear through the airport and paying extra baggage fees. However, due to the heaviness of ski and snowboard equipment, shipping could be expensive, and there is always the chance of a package getting lost or delayed due to snowstorms that hit the mountains. We see that about 1-2 times per year.

Skiing is way more enjoyable if you’re comfortable. Is there a secret for getting the perfect fitting boot? Do you have a favorite brand of ski socks?

Ski boots are tough, and they are not made for walking, they can feel goofy at times, and a traditional rental boot typically is designed to fit 80% of the feet that go into them.

I would say the secret to a perfect fitting boot has two elements. The first being physical. We tell our customers during the fitting that their set up should go…skin, socks, and boots. Meaning don’t stuff any leggings, compression pants, long john’s, etc. down into the boot. When the boot is all buckled up it will get very snug and wherever those pants land are where some pain points and circulation issues can come up which ultimately leads to discomfort on the slopes. You also want the snuggest fit possible when wearing ski boots and try the ski boots on with the ski socks you will be using on the slopes. Lastly, think of your ski boots as a steering wheel to your car. A loose steering will provide a driver with zero control and would be very uncomfortable. Snug boots mean increased control and increased comfort.

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