Male Dating Profile Behaviors That Make Women Want To Throw Up in Their Mouths

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It is a stock scenario of movies and TV, a well-worn trope.  Person A cannot empathize with Person B.  Person A masquerades as Person B and sees the truth.  Illumination ensures!  Cue the credits.

It’s a funny set-up when applied to scenarios like the 9-5 working partner not fully understanding the demands of the home-based, child-minding partner.  But what about in the dating world?

A Fly on The Wall…

The male half of The Dating Gurus has long heard complaints from women about patently obvious dumb dating profile behaviors that men do.

But truth and illumination never developed until he sat in on a female dating profile for 48 hours.

In those mere two days and two nights, he saw what kind of men are out there, what their messages are like, and just how fast it takes to run to the bathroom to throw up.

This is only a slight exaggeration.  While actual bile did not rise to the throat, the following things that men say and do on online dating sites definitely produced a sense of revulsion.

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