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Bi-Color Controls

The filter is fully customizable, and you can adjust the amount you wish to apply, the amount of blending, the areas you want each color to cover with the vertical shift, and you can also use the rotation slider to move the toning around.

You can choose from a range of predetermined toning presets by clicking on the ‘toning preset’ colors, or you can choose a top and bottom color of your choice by clicking on either of the colors. It will bring up a color picker like this:
using color luminarColor Picker

It took me a bit of experimenting and adjusting to find the colors I liked and that I thought worked well together, but that’s the beauty of using the Bi-Color toner. You can get a totally unique and creative result with it. Remember, there’s no right or wrong in photography; it’s about your creative choices, not anyone else’s.

This is the before/after split when I applied the Bi-Color toning:
before after toning

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