Creative Tips for Using Repetition and Pattern in Photography

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Photographing the same thing three times sounds tedious. But could it be artistic? Pattern in photography can draw the eye, make us think and turn the simplest objects into artwork.

Most photography tip lists encourage budding photographers to try something new. This is not that kind of list — because I’m going to encourage you to try more of the same thing, all in a single photo.Here’s why regular patterns in photography work. And a few tips to make repetition anything but boring.

The Role of Pattern in Photography

People are creatures of habit. I get my favourite caffeinated beverage from the same place. I take the same route to the grocery store. I go to the same grocery store every week.

Habits show a preference for patterns.

The idea of repeating something can seem boring. But the human brain actually likes patterns. They are great focal points for viewers.

Patterns in photography create attention. Think of something easy to overlook. When framed to highlight the pattern, it becomes intriguing.

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