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Once you have imported your photograph into Lightroom for editing, the first step is to cull the photos that you don’t like. Here are some basic steps that you can follow to sort out photos you feel are worthy of your time:

Go through the photos and rate them according to your liking.

If you find yourself struggling to select one image from a series of similar images,  select them all and press N followed by Shift + Tab so that you can have a clear view of those photos without any distraction.

Once you’ve gone through the photos and have given them a rating, use the filter function to clear out any photos you haven’t rated and start working on the rated photographs.

Once the photos are sorted out, Ramelli uses his presets to edit the photos. He also uses a Loupedeck photo editing console to make his workflow even faster. As he demonstrates in the video, he has assigned the buttons on the console to his different presets which are applied to the photo on the press of a button. But if you want to do it manually in Lightroom, you can do so and load up the preset from the window at the left.

lightroom screenshot

Ramelli shares the following tips for retouching landscape photos in Lightroom:

When applying a preset, make sure that the photo doesn’t look artificial and overdone. If a preset tries to add colors that didn’t exist in reality, then the result will look fake. If you don’t have good colors in your photo, go black and white.

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