10 Tips to Perfect Your Architecture Photography

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Architectural photography is something just about every photographer engages in at some point or other, if only casually. Nevertheless, it’s surprisingly tricky to pull off well.

Each building has a mood and personality of its own, and the best photography will not only look good but will capture these qualities as well, allowing the viewers to share in the feel of a place. It’s not as easy as it might look.

In fact, you’re probably well aware that it’s much easier to land a lacklustre or everyday architectural shot than something that stands out.

With practice, creativity, and the tips below, however, you can dramatically improve the visual strength of your architecture shots.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

You don’t need much in the way of gear to land great architecture shots (or to follow this tutorial). Your creativity and composition will take you much further than an expensive camera or lens.

Still, if you want to pursue the field seriously, there are a few items you should consider. Here are the ones mentioned in this article:

  • Camera (obviously). Ideally this would be a DSLR, but most of these tips will work for cell phone and/or point-and-shoot photography as well. If you’re not using a DSLR, it’s best to choose a camera that can shoot in the Raw format.
  • Tripod (or other stabiliser) and a way to remotely trigger your shutter.
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Filters (polarizing, graduated, and neutral density)
  • Post-processing software
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