10 Tips for Breathtaking Cityscape Photography

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New York, London, Paris… think of any famous cities around the world and their iconic cityscapes will immediately come to mind. It’s no wonder that cityscape photography is one of the most popular types of photos to capture.

The good news is that capturing beautiful cityscape pictures isn’t that difficult.

For one, you will often have clear vantage points around a city. You’ll also have a subject that won’t move. Not to mention, plenty of time to experiment with different locations and settings. Follow these 15 tips to improve your cityscape photography.

How to Find the Right Location

The first thing that any cityscape landscape shot needs is the right location. What you need is an unobstructed view of the skyline. Usually, a good place to look for is along waterfronts or on bridges.

Besides the fact that you’ll have a great view, the reflection of the cityscape on water will give you a pleasing result.

Waterfronts are also great spots for capturing night cityscapes because of these reflections.

Another great location is high viewing areas such as towers or skyscrapers. You will often find that most big cities around the world will have viewing platforms. If not then even rooftop bars will have great views of the city.

The limitations of these places are that usually you won’t be allowed to set up a tripod. This means either resting your camera somewhere if shooting in low light. Or having to raise your ISO.

You should research your location carefully before heading out for a shoot. Use Google maps street view to check out the location. You can also use smartphone apps such as Photographer’s Ephemeris to check where the light will be during the day.

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