10 Tips for Adding Human Elements to Architecture Photography

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When we think of architecture photography, black and white images of tall buildings of glass, steel, and concrete often come to mind. Or perhaps you think of iconic tourist attractions where every viewpoint and angle has already been explored.

The reality is that wherever you live, humans are at the heart of architecture all around us.

Including human elements in photographs of buildings and structures makes a lot of sense. Try exploring some of these architecture photography tips to connect people with your photos.

Learn About the Architecture You’re Photographing

Understanding a structure’s aesthetics is one of the most important considerations when adding the human element into architecture photography. Learning about a building’s lines, elevation, and angles makes a difference to how I approach an architectural photo shoot.

The amount of research you can do will vary depending on where you are, how long you’re at a location, and any cultural and language barriers you experience. If you can’t research beforehand, check out the internet afterwards to find the background of the architecture.

You don’t need to be in a foreign country to learn new things about architecture. Discover more about local architects and styles in your own community. Being able to provide a verbal or written narrative with your photos is a great skill to share with viewers.

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